ESR 07: Hardik Jain


Hailing from India, Hardik Jain is one of the HYCOAT ESRs based at TNO in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He completed his under-graduation from SRM University in the field of Nanotechnology and received an year-long academic excellence scholarship during the course. Further on, he completed a dual-degree Erasmus Mundus master’s program in Materials Science from Grenoble INP, France and TU Darmstadt, Germany during which he was a recipient of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship given to a select few in each program.

His research interest primarily lie in the field of thin film technology and he has been working on related projects for quite a while. This along with his very strong desire to work in an applied technology environment reflects well in his choice of project and workplace in the HYCOAT network. He is working on a project titled ‘Reactor concepts and processes for a Spatial MLD’ wherein he would be laying down basic design rules for a Spatial-MLD reactor’s design taking into consideration the process kinetics and parameters like precursor type, precursor flows, temperature, partial pressures and exposure time.

Host institute: TNO

Daily supervisors: Dr. Paul Poodt and Dr. Fieke van den Bruele, TNO