The key objective of HYCOAT is to create a group of exceptionally well-trained young researchers who have a deep understanding of all aspects of MLD technology, as well as broad vision on the application potential of hybrid coatings. Therefore, via training-through-research projects and training events, the consortium aims to

  • Objective 1: establish novel MLD deposition chemistries and process schemes,
  • Objective 2: enable fabrication of hybrid thin films with tailor-made and novel properties,
  • Objective 3: gain a deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms during MLD processes, and to
  • Objective 4: develop dedicated, industrially scalable reactor concepts for MLD-type processes.

To showcase the developed technology for industrially relevant scenarios, the ESRs will combine their processes and innovations in four demonstrators that will be tested in collaboration with the HYCOAT partners:

  • Demonstrator 1: an OLED device encapsulated by a flexible MLD coating,
  • Demonstrator 2: a CMOS interconnect demonstrator with a hybrid low-k,
  • Demonstrator 3: a thermoelectric thin-film module based on a hybrid nanolaminate, and
  • Demonstrator 4: a Li-ion battery with porous solid electrolyte and dual conductor coatings.