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March 2019

We have been present at the ChemBio 2019 event, where we have had the pleasure to meet no less than 3 Nobel Prize winners: Ada E. Yonath, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and K. Barry Sharpless. Listening to their experiences, contributions to the scientific community and the impact of them was a deeply unforgettable experience.

February 2019

The first version of the MLD Wikipedia has been submitted and published with congratulations from Wikipedia moderators. Now is time for the whole community to add their inputs and make it even more complete.

January 2019

Our second event was held on January 14-18, hosted by KU Leuven and Ghent University. This time, we learnt the usefulness of in-situ characterization techniques in MLD, as well as tips and tricks to achieve properly effective science communication.

November 2018

Some ESRs went to their first synchrotron experience at the ESRF facility, where they had their first approach to the technique and how to move and align a whole ALD/MLD reactor.

August 2018

The first HYCOAT Workshop "Hybrid nanocoatings through molecular layer deposition" was held from August 27th to August 29th, 2018 at Ghent University, Belgium. This meeting was also the kick-off event for the 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) that were recently hired within HYCOAT.

The presentations are available for viewing at the the HYCOAT Youtube Channel.

Picture @ HYCOAT Kick-Off Meeting

March 2018

The HYCOAT kick-off meeting was held on March 12th, 2018 at Gent University, Belgium.

Picture @ HYCOAT Kick-Off Meeting

February 2018

A press release announcing the start of the network has been published on AlphaGalileo.