Hands-on 2 - In-situ characterization for MLD


This second HYCOAT training week serves a dual purpose:

  1. Provide the HYCOAT ESRs with a hands-on introduction to in situ characterization techniques that can be used to monitor atomic and molecular layer deposition processes.
  2. Provide the HYCOAT ESRs with basic skills for effective science communication.


UGent – Campus De Sterre
Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
Multimedia auditorium in building S9


The workshop is organized as a part of the European Training Network for Functional Hybrid Coatings by Molecular Layer Deposition (HYCOAT), and attendance is compulsory for all HYCOAT ESRs. If you would not be able to attend, then please notify the network coordinator.


Monday August 27th

9:00 – 10:30     Overview presentation on in-situ characterization techniques for ALD/MLD
10:30 – 11:00   Coffee break
11:00 – 12:30   Overview presentation on in situ characterization of porous films
12:30 – 14:00   Sandwich Lunch 
Monday afternoon: sub-divide into 3 groups. Each group gets a half day of hands-on training on each of the following techniques:

  1. FTIR (Mikko Nisula)
  2. Ellipsometry and ellipsometric porosimetry (Juan Santo Domingo Peñaranda)
  3. Mass spectrometry (Nithin Poonkottil) 

Topics to be covered for each technique include:

  1. Brief introduction and explanation of the operating principle
  2. Starting a real in situ experiment during an ALD process
  3. Introduction to the analysis software
  4. Data analysis 

Monday evening: spare ribs in the center of Ghent.  

Tuesday August 28th

Continuation of the hands-on training in 3 groups (for each group covering the two techniques that were not covered on Monday). 
Tuesday evening – transfer from Gent to Leuven 


By plane to Belgium:

The closest airport to Ghent is Brussels National Airport (BRU), a.k.a. Zaventem, 67 kilometers from Ghent. There are direct flights to all major European cities several times per day.

By train to Ghent:

The most convenient way to get from Brussels National Airport to Ghent is by train. The airport train station is located on level -1 of the terminal. The departure station is Brussels Airport-Zaventem (Brussel-Nat-Luchthaven in Dutch or Bruxelles-Nat.-Aéroport in French). The destination station is called Gent Sint-Pieters (or Gand St.-Pierre in French). Tickets can be bought in the train station for about 16 euros per person for a one-way ticket. There are 3 trains per hour to Ghent, 1 of which is a direct fast train (54 min), 1 of which is a slow direct train (1 h 22 min), and 1 of which requires a connection in Brussels-South (Brussel-Zuid in Dutch or Bruxelles-Midi in French) (about 1 h). See here for a detailed timetable.

On foot from the railway station:

It is a 20 minute walk from Gent Sint-Pieters station to Campus Sterre. Leave the station via the front, main exit. When you leave the station go to your right, follow the 'Prinses Clementinalaan'. At the second traffic lights turn right, go under the railway bridge and follow the 'Krijgslaan'. At the first traffic lights, turn left (following the tram tracks). Immediately to your right is the main entrance of the campus. From the entrance follow the signs to building S9.

By tram from the railway station:

Leave the station via the front, main exit and take tram 21 or 22 which go in the direction 'Zwijnaarde'. It will bring you to the main entrance of Campus Sterre in 5 minutes. Get off at the tram stop 'Krijgslaan' at the crossing near the main entrance of the campus. From the entrance follow the signs to building S9.

Accommodation suggestions

Near the railway station and Campus Sterre of Ghent University:
Hotel Astoria, Achilles Musschestraat 39, 9000 Gent
Hotel Orion, Krijgslaan 181, 9000 Gent


Prof. Christophe Detavernier
Phone: +32 9 264 43 54

Dr. Jolien Dendooven
Phone: +32 9 264 43 48

Dr. Mikko Nisula
Phone: +32 9 264 43 42