ESR 9: (Bio)functionalized gas permeation barriers through Vapour Phase Infiltration and Spatial MLD (Work Package 2)

Short description of the project

This project aims to make hybrid gas permeation barriers by combining conventional and spatial VPI, MLD and ALD on polymer substrates with tunable barrier performance. To achieve advanced functionalization of gas permeation barriers, incl. getter-like functionalities, hydrophobic functionalization to increase intrinsic barrier properties, and bio-functionalization such as bactericidity/fungicidity. The barrier properties will be assessed by advanced methods like permeation measurements and Ca-tests. Up-scaling of the barrier manufacturing will be demonstrated by atmospheric spatial ALD/MLD at TNO.

Host institute: CIC nanoGUNE

Daily supervisors: Prof. Mato Knez, CIC nanoGUNE
External supervisor: Dr. Paul Poodt, TNO

Planned secondments:
SEMPA Systems, TNO

For more information: contact Prof. Mato Knez.

How to apply

All information concerning eligibility criteria, important dates and how to apply can be found under PhD Positions.