ESR 8: Electronic functionalization of packaging materials (Work Package 2)

Short description of the project

This project aims to develop protocols and processes for integrating electrical conductivity into polymeric barrier substrates. Combinations of vapour phase infiltration and ALD/MLD will be applied in order to induce conductivity in substrates while at the same time largely maintaining their mechanical flexibility and optical transparency. The resulting functional polymer opts for future use as electrode with good permeation barrier properties in OLED fabrication. The chemical interactions of organic and inorganic materials occurring in the processes will be assessed both experimentally (NanoG) and theoretically (Tyndall) for gaining fundamental knowledge on the involved chemistry. Conductivities will be characterized at TNO and NanoG.

Host institute: CIC nanoGUNE

Daily supervisors: Prof. Mato Knez, CIC nanoGUNE
External supervisor: Prof. Markku Leskelä, University of Helsinki

Planned secondments:
SEMPA Systems, Tyndall National Institute, TNO, Beneq

For more information: contact Prof. Mato Knez.

How to apply

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