ESR 05: Arbresha Muriqi


Arbresha completed undergraduate studies in the field of Engineering Chemistry in 2015 and a Masters in the field of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry in 2017, both at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo. Her Masters thesis was on the topic “Development of Polymer and Hydrocolloid Characteristics of Salt Tolerant Xanthan Batch Combination Upon Mechanical Stress” and was experimentally carried out at the Institute of Chemistry, Graz, Austria. During this time she gained direct hands-on experience on important analytical separation techniques like asymmetric flow field flow fractionation (AF4) and size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

Within HYCOAT Arbresha is working as an early stage researcher at Tyndall National Institute in the Materials Modelling for Devices group, headed by Professor Michael Nolan. Her research focuses on multi scale simulation of hybrid inorganic-organic coatings, their growth and their stability. This work is in collaboration with experimental groups in HYCOAT and the primary aim of the work is to enhance the understanding of the effect of different aspects of the MLD process, including precursor chemistry, surface reactions and structure stability, on the properties of novel hybrid inorganic-organic materials.

Host institute: Tyndall National Institute

Daily supervisor: Dr. Michael Nolan, Tyndall National Institute
External supervisor: Prof. Maarit Karppinen, Aalto University

Planned secondments:
Aalto University, University of Helsinki, ASM Microchemistry

For more information: contact Dr. Simon Elliott.