ESR 03: Dmitry Kravchenko



Dmitry Kravchenko is a PhD student at Ameloot Group at KU Leuven, Belgium. He graduated from the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University, Russia. His Master’s project focused on application of mixed-metal metal organic frameworks (MOF) in fine chemical catalysis. In 2015 he did an internship at University of Utrecht, where he studied zeolite-based bifunctional catalysts for aromatic-selective Fischer-Tropsch process. In 2016 he did an internship at TU Delft, focusing on MOFs as catalysts for methane-to-methanol process. Dmitry is a member of HYCOAT since 2018, and he is working now on synthesis of thin films of MOFs and other intrinsically porous hybrid materials by means of ALD and MLD.


Host Institute: KU Leuven

Daily Supervisor: Prof. Rob Ameloot, KU Leuven