ESR 14: MLD of solid composite electrolyte coatings for high-voltage Li-ion batteries (Work Package 5)

Short description of the project

Objectives: (1) Development of MLD/ALD processes of organic-inorganic hybrid films based on metal precursors and various organic alcohols. (2) Deposition of inorganic Li material on hybrid metalcone films and vice-versa, focusing on control of the interface quality and growth rate. Next to process development and physical characterization of the films (XRD, ERDA, SIMS, HRÔÇÉTEM), effort will be devoted to the evaluation of the elastic properties of the film using nano-indentation.

Host institute: KULeuven

Daily supervisors: Prof. Philippe Vereecken, KULeuven
External supervisor: Prof. Ola Nilsen, University of Oslo

Planned secondments:
University of Oslo, Ghent University, Umicore

For more information: contact Prof. Philippe Vereecken.

How to apply

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