ESR 14: Keerthi Dorai Swamy Reddy


I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree (Electrical and Electronics) from Visvesvaraya Technological University and my Master of Science degree in Nanoelectronics from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany. My Master thesis was based on electrochemically characterizing atomic layer deposited (ALD) Lithium containing thin films for application into solid state Li-ion batteries. After my Master’s, I have worked as a Research associate at the Institute of Semiconductors and Microsystems in Technical University of Dresden for a period of 15 months. During this period, I did research on depositing different electrode materials for Li-ion batteries by flash-assisted ALD. In HYCOAT project, my research is focused on developing processes for molecular layer deposition of hybrid metalcone films towards solid composite electrolytes for high voltage Li-ion batteries.

Host institute: KULeuven

Daily supervisors: Prof. Philippe Vereecken, KULeuven