ESR 11: Hybrid coatings for enhancing bone compatibility (Work Package 3)

Short description of the project

A bioactive surface that enhances cell growth and retards bacterial growth is highly desired where implants are used. One such application is within implant of dental materials, where it is vital that the osteoblast is able to adhere before the bacteria take over. MLD surfaces will be used to control the bacterial growth. The organic linkers will be chosen among a selection of organic phosphonates or carbonates suitable for tuning the surface chemistry towards cell growth. Titanium and calcium will initially be used as the inorganic unit in the hybrid material due to its known biocompatibility and role in cell growth. Characterization of cell growth will be performed
through secondments and regular visits at OUS and NIOM.

Host institute: University of Oslo

Daily supervisors: Prof. Ola Nilsen and Prof. Tor Paaske Utheim, University of Oslo
External supervisor: Dr. Jon Roger Eidet, Oslo University Hospital

Planned secondments:
Oslo University Hospital, University of Helsinki, Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, Europlasma

For more information: contact Prof. Ola Nilsen.

How to apply

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