ESR 1: Precursor chemistry for MLD (Work Package 1)

Short description of the project

New precursors for MLD are studied. The main focus is on novel types of organic functionalities that will be combined with known and new metal precursors. Two kinds of chemistries will be examined for incorporating the organic building block: one organic molecule delivering it intact at once, and two (or more) organic molecules are supplied sequentially and react with each other forming the organic part in situ. The research involves both synthesis of new molecules and utilization of commercially available molecules. In addition, photo-activation in MLD processes will be studied. The experiments are supported by molecular modelling (Tyndall). For promising processes scale-up studies will be carried out by the partners (ASM). In-situ characterization tools will be employed for understanding the process mechanisms (UGent).

Host institute: University of Helsinki

Daily supervisor: Prof. Mikko Ritala, University of Helsinki
External supervisor: Dr. Simon Elliott, Tyndall National Institute

Planned secondments:
Ghent University, Tyndall National Institute, ASM Microchemistry

For more information: contact Prof. Mikko Ritala.

How to apply

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