ESR 01: Saba Ghafourisaleh



I have studied Pure Chemistry at Urmia University in Iran. I have majored in Organic Chemistry at Gazi University in Turkey. My master’s research topic was: “Synthesis and Characterization of Some Novel Thio and Selanyl 1H(2H)-Tetrazoles and Derivatives”. I have synthesized twenty eight novel Tetrazole derivative compounds. Now I am working as an early stage researcher “ESR1” at Helsinki University in Finland under supervision of Prof. Mikko Ritala. My main focus is on finding and synthesizing novel types of organic functionalities that will be combined with known and new metal precursors. The experiments are supported by molecular modelling (Tyndall). For promising processes scale-up studies will be carried out by the partners (ASM). In-situ characterization tools will be employed for understanding the process mechanisms (UGent).

Host institute: University of Helsinki

Daily supervisor: Prof. Mikko Ritala, University of Helsinki