University of Oslo

University of Oslo (UiO) includes 28 000 students, 3000 PhDs and a staff of 6000. It spans most disciplines from humanitarian and social sciences to natural sciences and medicine. UiO has two encompassing strategic efforts: Life science and Energy, ensuring cross-disciplinary research across all faculties. Both efforts are central in the HYCOAT project including active partners within UiO from Chemistry and Medicine.
Thin film synthesis will be performed at the research group NAFUMA, which includes over 40 persons. NAFUMA has broad activities stretching from synthesis and structure determination to property studies and theory. The ALD sub-group at NAFUMA, led by Prof. Ola Nilsen, focuses on the growth of complex oxides, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, biocompatible surfaces, and Li-ion battery materials.
Characterisation of bioactivity will be performed under guidance from the Unit of Regenerative Medicine, Department of Medicinal Biochemistry, Oslo University Hospital. The group is led by Prof. Tor Paaske Utheim and includes over 20 scientists. The group focuses on regenerative growth of epidermal, oral, conjunctival, limbal (corneal) and retinal cells.